New York Skyline

Places to Go



Venice (June 2014)



San Francisco

Norway & Sweden

Bora Bora

Washington DC

New York City (December 2012)



Go back to New York City

Go clubbing in Berlin

Go on a snowboarding holiday

Kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower (December 2013)

See flamingos in the wild

Sauna in Finland

Sail around the Caribbean (or tour by boat)

Go to Roodharigendag (September 2015)

See the Northern Lights

Go on the Eurostar (December 2013)

Visit Chloe in Finland (February 2016)



Photograph skateboarders

Take some dance photographs

Finish making the portfolio content for this website


Food & Drink

Cook everything at home for a whole month – no meals out



Knit an item of clothing to wear

Design a game and have people play it

Build an app and release it on the App Store

Make a craft that I’ve pinned on Pinterest



See a show on broadway (December 2012)

See the entire Ring Cycle performed live

Go to a poetry slam in New York

See the LSO live


Learning Things

Learn to juggle

Get a Masters Degree

Take a photography course (January – March 2015)

Go to a yoga class (2014)

Improve my Welsh to working proficiency

Improve my Welsh to fluency


Fun & Quirky

Go to a Life List party (January 2014)

Host a unicorn party (September 2014)


What’s this?