Hi, I’m Jen. I like communicating with people. On Twitter, on Facebook, online, offline, in the office, in the pub…


I have worked professionally in communications for years, working with organisations in the public and third sector, talking about anything from how to engage people in politics, their health or culture to how we’re going to change the world before it changes us.

I also like to think. A lot. ‘Because it is’ just doesn’t work for me. I prefer to innovate, create and inspire new ways of working and doing.

I know about communications, politics, public health, arts and culture, digital technology, social media, music and quite a few other things. I’m interested in thousands more. On my favourite days I combine several of these with meeting new people, sharing ideas and making stuff happen.

On this site I blog about work-related things and life-related things. Sometimes it gets a bit political but mostly it’s just friendly.

If you want more of me in your life, you can follow me on Twitter