I saw in the new year in Munich with a group of people from England, Wales, Germany, Italy, Chile, Turkey and Mexico. Experiencing New Year’s Eve in different countries is a something I really enjoy, especially when you realise it’s really very similar everywhere and is one of the things that unites us as a global community. In Germany, like Paris, there is a lot of outdoor partying and setting off fireworks in the street. In Munich the bridges over the river become a gathering point as you can see right up and down the river to watch all the fireworks.


My Munich tour guide was Rob, who used to live there and is fluent in German, so I had a great experience seeing the sights as well as the areas more frequented by locals. I did my best to eat Bavarian food (which included schnitzel, sauerkraut, sausages and of course beer brewed in Munich), and loved meeting loads of new people.


We took a trip out of the city to the famous Neuschwanstein castle which was everything I was hoping for in its Disney-esque fairytale looks. We couldn’t have picked better weather for the visit – perfect clear sky and cold air.

IMG_1832Munich is a fantastic city, of internationalism, history and stunning architecture. As often happens when I travel to cities outside of the UK I was impressed with the transport system, and simultaneously just a little depressed that we don’t have even half of the co-ordinated, affordable local transport Munich residents enjoy.



Above is one of the grand buildings in Königsplatz, and a ‘wall of memory’ with damage left from shelling in World War II.

You can fly to Munich direct from Cardiff or from most UK airports.