2015 – The Year of Achieving

I had some goals in 2014. Some of them I kept, some I slacked on a bit. It’s all a learning experience.

Looking forward to 2015, this is the year I will turn 30. It feels like a good milestone to think about some of the things I’d like to achieve. The 30th birthday is a good deadline to aim for but these are general goals for the year, rather than things to rigidly complete by my birthday.

image1Be Debt Free*

Like most people in their 20s, I had an overdraft and loans right from the word go and it takes ages and ages to free yourself of them. It’s not helped by the encouragement of the banks to spend more, the consumer lifestyle and that classic mid 20s feeling that managing your money is for grown-ups, and you’re certainly not one of those yet! I’m pretty close to achieving this now, so hopefully if I stay on track I will be done by September.

*obviously this doesn’t include my mortgage or student loan

Finish Selfie 365

I started taking a selfie every day on my birthday last September. I’m looking forward to making them all into a video or a book to look back a year of my face. Not for narcissistic reasons – far from it – but because it’s amazing how much you can change in a year and not really notice. If you feel you don’t currently get enough of my face, you can see it every day here.

Finish 10 Books

To most people over the age of 7 this seems like a ridiculously easy target. Not for me. I read all the time – newspapers, blogs, business plans, action plans, research papers, strategies – but not books. I love reading books when I get going, I just need a bit of a kick to do that. Last year I managed 2 or 3 (which, believe it or not, is an improvement on 2013) so I’m going to aim for 10 this year. If you’re interested, I’ll log it all on Goodreads.

Exercise 100 Times

I got much better at going to the gym or for a swim in 2014 and I want to build on that. It’s also election year, so I will be going out campaigning for Jo Stevens as often as I possibly can too. Canvassing sessions are really good exercise if you make them, so I will be counting these towards my 100 target.

Make Good Micro Decisions

This is a lot less of a SMART objective, but it’s an experiment in self control. Rather than ‘eat less than 1800 calories a day’ or ‘get up by 7.40am’, this is a nudge goal. The idea is that every time I have to make a small decision, I’ll try to make a good one. In the morning, instead of picking up my phone I’ll get straight into the shower and then to work early. Instead of eating that second chocolate I’ll leave it and have a glass of water. Rather than the third coke I’ll switch to water. When I’m hungry I’ll reach for a clementine instead of a bag of crisps. Hundreds of these moments happen every week. Sometimes I’ll make the wrong decision, pull the duvet back up or eat the crisps, but if I can make the good choice even half of the time I’ll be doing well.

I haven’t included a weight-loss goal, or a specific fitness challenge but I’m hopeful that the overall result of staying positive, productive and working on these goals will lead to a healthier, happier me as the year progresses. I’d love to drop a few pounds and be able to run a little further but I’m not going to beat myself up over specifics.

Let’s do this!


  1. Whoo, yay for challenging yourself! This pin is a little cheesy but might help you with the micro-decisions :) http://www.pinterest.com/pin/78179743507849107/

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