This week on the internet I’ve enjoyed…

1. Jim’ll Paint It: Jeremy Clarkson Can’t Eat Cereal

If you haven’t come across Jim’ll Paint It you’re in for a treat. People describe a scene, he paints it with Microsoft Paint.


2. Kami game for iOS and Android

A beautiful puzzle game about flipping over little pieces of coloured paper to turn the whole space one colour. Deceptively difficult with lovely visual design. Official site here.

Kami game

Kami game










3. 18 Microwave snacks you can cook in a mug

Self-explanatory. Everything from breakfasts to puddings. Read it here.


4. Nesta blog: How to change a country

A case study from the Basque Country about innovation-led development on a national level.


5. A robot built from a vacuum cleaner that tweets arts criticism*

It tweets randomly-generated comments about art as it visits galleries and cultural venues. Still, it’s pretty cool for something with a seive for a head. Article here.