I’ve been thinking about getting another hamster for a while. I even (accidentally, I maintain) bought a cage of eBay the other week. When I went out for breakfast this morning it wasn’t really my plan to go and get one but, well, these things sometimes happen.

Breakfast was lovely – a group of friends and I went to Carluccio’s. If you haven’t been there for breakfast, I strongly recommend trying it. They have everything from a cooked full breakfast to selections of croissants and a whole host of egg-related options. That and the coffee is very good.

In the afternoon S & T were going off to look at cats in a rescue centre, with a view to adopting one. I’m not one to pass on an opportunity to see kittens so I leapt at the chance to join in when Rob offered me a lift. The cats didn’t disappoint:

Cats1 Cats2

Inevitably at this point I got the ‘bug’ and decided I wanted to go and look at hamsters. Rob fancied a look at the animals too so we went to the pet shop on the way home. After a bit of wandering round, taking pictures of the animals…

Fish2 Hamsters1

… and then wandered back over to the hamsters. I was still on the fence until Rob named one of them and then it was sort of a foregone conclusion. So here’s Matilda, at home in her new habitat:


So there we go. A really good day, with great friends, looking at cute animals and bringing one home. Lovely!