As it’s National Coming Out Day today, I’ve decided to come out. But this post isn’t about my being bisexual, or having organised my DVDs alphabetically (though I am, and I have). No, this is about politics.


To the 1% of you who are still reading: yes, I’m blogging about politics. I’ve always been interested in the goings on of Westminster and, more recently, the Senedd. I also had a few late teenage years of serious enthusiasm about Washington’s rather special brand of politics (partly due to The West Wing, I’ll admit). The trouble is, I never really picked a side. I was never a Tory (eww! ugh! etc), but I spent ages wavering around on the left wondering where there was a place for me.

It wasn’t until I met some more political friends in recent times that I figured out where I should be. I flirted with being a Lib Dem, and wondered more than once if I would be better off starting my own party, but have come to the rest and realisation that Labour was there for me the whole time. Commonly described as a ‘broad church’, the Labour Party in the UK encompasses people with a wide range of views from pretty left to nearer the centre, all with the realisation that if we work together to build a fairer society everyone will benefit.¬†Contrast that to the Tories’ model of making life better for the rich and the corporations at the expense of almost everyone else and it’s an easy call.

I joined the party earlier in the year and these days I spend most of my Saturday mornings out with my fellow constituency members, door-knocking residents to offer help with local issues and make sure they know Labour work for them all year round, not just during elections. I’m also really excited to be helping campaign for the brilliant¬†Jo Stevens, our parliamentary candidate for Cardiff Central in 2015. We are going to do some great things, and keep raising the bar for meaningful engagement with real people. I also had an incredible 5 days in Brighton last month at party conference.

So there it is. I’m out. I’m into politics. I hope you’ll all still talk to me!

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