Every so often I download a new game that’s so addictive I’m hooked for weeks. Over the years these have included Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Harbor Master, Letterpress and many more. At the moment, though, it’s Dots.


Dots, created by Betaworks, is extremely simple. You have a playing space with several rows of dots in different colours. Link together two or more neighbouring dots of the same colour, they disappear and you get some points. If you manage to make a square (or something a bit like a square that makes a loop) you get more points. Simple.

The challenge comes from one of its two playing modes – you either run out of moves or you run out of time.

There are trophies for completing certain challenges – getting lots of points, squares, etc – and bonus items available when you’ve collected enough dots to pay for them.

What’s really beautiful about this game is the design. It’s a lovely flat UX, with simple colours and some wonderfully cute graphics for the trophies. Added to that the sound design creates pleasant-sounding chords, built up dot by connected dot. If you complete a square, the chord resolves with a little shimmer. Lovely.

The game is free, but you have been warned about how addicted you’ll be. Enjoy!


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