I recently read this article on the Guardian website. Benji Lanyado spent the entire day doing what the Internet told him to do. From buying impromptu gifts on Amazon to CCing people into emails at Gmail’s suggestion, to a pizza restaurant recommended by Foursquare, he followed the guidance of the adverts, the pop-ups and the ‘if you liked that, you’ll like this’ sidebars.

During a Twitter conversation with Jack and Taras about the post, we thought it would be a fun experiment to find out what would happen if a number of people all did this on the same day and shared their results. We could all blog about our experience and maybe even collate data to turn into some sort of lovely infographic (all the rage, you know).

So, dear readers, this is where you come in. I invite you to join us for a day of doing what the Internet says. My initial proposal for a day to do this is Saturday 23rd June. A Saturday may seem strange but it wild be pretty difficult to do this on a normal working day.

If you want to play, let me know and I’ll work out a way to collate some data and things. Even just a place for blog post links to sit.

Here are the basic ideas:

    It’s the Internet’s choice but you have an element of selecting the decisions to be made (e.g. I’m hungry, I’ll let the Internet tell me where to eat)
    To fully comply with the initial premise we may need to buy things. I would propose that it’s ok not to actually pay for something on Amazon, say, but make a note for your roundup what it would have been.
    If you come to a dead end, it makes sense to re-start with your Twitter feed or Facebook news feed.
    You do really need to have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google and as many other things as possible for this to work. A smartphone would probably be handy too.

I’m completely open to refinements of the idea, and any suggestions so bring it on. Otherwise just comment if you’re up for it and share this link on Twitter. Does it need a hashtag? #internetdecides?