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Much-loved bookshop Waterstones this month did away with their apostrophe. Unsurprisingly this caused an amount of controversy in both traditional and social media. An entertaining Twitter account, Sad Apostrophe, also popped up pretty quickly.

Luckily, someone manning the Twitter account of Waterstones Oxford Street has a sense of humour and some social business savvy. The product of this? One of my favourite tweets ever:

tweet by waterstones



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  1. I had encountered the @WstonesOxfordSt Twitter account before, but had assumed that it was a spoof account. But on closer inspection it seems that they are actually just funny AND relevant, which is quite an achievement really! Their reaction to ‘Apostrophegate’ was pure genius.

    Did you also catch their joke about the moustache-clad lowercase ‘w’? Had @illogicalowl and myself in stitches for a good 5 minutes:!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162228401476870144!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162228691152273408!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162261311428886529!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162261949311234048!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162262557342707714!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162263214875361280!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162263694699540483!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162264326856638465!/WstonesOxfordSt/status/162264407886405632

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